CYCORE: Cyberinfrastructure for Comparative Effectiveness Research

Using wireless sensing & information technologies to improve cancer treatments via clinical trials

Photo: Luo Gu/Michael Sailor/UCSD (info)

Michael Sailor ImageThe is a fluorescent micrograph of "mother ships" for nanotherapeutic and nanodiagnostic agents, consisting of microparticles made from nanoporous silicon which can be filled with drugs and (particle-tracking) iron oxide. The nano-particles are completely biodegradable and may allow localized delivery of anti-cancer and other drugs.

CYCORE is an ARRA-funded Grand Opportunity (GO) research project to improve cancer therapies by developing better tools to measure their effectiveness in clinical trials. This GO award is for $4 million over 2 years and partially funds 29 researchers.

Mission: To build a hardware and software system that optimizes the range of data included in comparative effectiveness research in cancer. CYCORE will integrate health-behavior and environmental monitoring data with biological sensing and electronic medical records (EMRs), obtained during clinical trials.

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